30 days Strong upper body challenge

In Challenges, posted Mar 25, 2021

30 DAYS STRONG UPPER BODY CHALLENGE for a strong back, core (abdominal muscles), shoulders/arms




you can combine this challenge with 30 days Bum challenge


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I am so happy you want to do the challenge. 


I am looking forward to connecting with you.


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Watch these videos and enjoy exercising 


Day 1 - 10 


YouTube video - 8 minutes Yoga for back - improve your strength and flexibility


Day 11 - 20

YouTube video - 7 minutes Yoga for strong core

Day 21 - 30 

YouTube video - 5 minutes yoga for strong arms and shoulders



ALL THE DETAILS and INSTRUCTIONS for the challenge - click the links or pictures


Day 1 - 10



Day 11 - 20

Day 21 -30