Angie & Tony's health transformation

In Health transformation, posted May 28, 2020


It will be 3 years this August that my boyfriend and I went plant based. 


He was not the healthiest person. I always had some trouble feeding him vegetables. For him the switch was made instantly after seeing the movie "What The Health”.


As for me it was a while the idea was brewing for health reasons but more for the environment. 


We noticed more dramatic change in him. 


Having issues with his knees, hips and breathing for years, he was frequently at the bloated and overweight. He felt like an old man. 


Two weeks after the diet change, Tony says his life changed. 


He doesn't suffer from knees and hips issues any more.


His breathing is normal.


He doesn't suffer from bloating.


He lost weight. 


As for me I always had a calcium deficiency since my late teens. Doctors always prescribed supplements. (That I didn't always take). 


A few years ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My hands suffered stiffness and inflammation which started to interfere with my daily life. 


In the first year on plant based lifestyle I noticed my hands were a lot better (A lot!)


Had no more circles under my eyes and I also lost weight. 


My first blood work was done over a year later. My doctor actually called me to say to stop taking the calcium. All my tests were good.


This past year we both did our blood work, stools, urine...and both of us are great. 



We are both over 50 and healthier now than ever.


Becoming Plant Based also opened our eyes to the horrific animal suffering and abuse which shook us to our core.


We are now, and always will be Vegan.


Angie and Tony💕


Connect with Angie & Tony here @angieoptions 



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