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In All Recipes, posted Aug 9, 2020

Here are NEW RECIPES and ARTICLES which I add regularly



YouTube video - Daily positive affirmations 



YouTube video - Visualisation for your dream job



YouTube video - Weight loss affirmations with yoga in seated poses (relaxing stretching)



YouTube video - Is plant based lifestyle expensive?



YouTube video - Meditation with affirmations for releasing stress, woriies, anxiety



YouTube video - I did 30 days pull ups challenge. How I felt & How I started with pull ups originally



YouTube video - Chocolate nice cream - 2 ingredients



YouTube video - Mint chocolate nice cream



YouTube video - Strawberry nice cream, only 2 ingredients



YouTube video - Visualisation for your dream home



YouTube video - 9 minutes relaxing yoga - full body stretching



YouTube video - Myth - Plant based lifestyle is too difficult



YouTube video - Self esteem meditation with afirmations



YouTube video - Chocolate oat porridge



YouTube video - How to sprout mung beans and lentils



YouTube video - Why I live whole food plant based lifestyle (health & environmental benefits)



YouTube video - Affirmations for weight loss



YouTube video - 10 minutes exercises for toned bum, back, abs, arms - (easier & harder option) 



YouTube video - Berries oat porridge



YouTube video - 5 minutes yoga for strong arms and shoulders 



YouTube video - 7 minutes Yoga for strong core          


8 minut yoga for back - improve your strength and flexibility



YouTube video - Weight loss meditation with affirmations



YouTube video - Chocolate peanut butter pudding



YouTube video - Chocolate strawberries chia pudding



YouTube video - Bottom exercise - Glute bridge



YouTube video - Deep sleep meditation with affirmations



YouTube video - Why weight loss doesn't work by eating less



YouTube video - Morning meditation with affirmations for you to have a beautiful day




What is the difference between weather and climate



Why it is important to stop using single use plastic



Recyclable vs Recycled



Where to start when you want to make a positive difference for our planet 



What's the difference between climate change and global warming



What is plastic and microplastic 



My zero waste story




Tips how to cope with eco anxiety





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