About me

I am Inkka,

a health enthusiast with a positive mind. Everything about health, nutrition, fitness, yoga the environment excites me and provides me with constant energy every day.

My journey to a whole food plant based lifestyle (eliminating animal products from my diet – any meat, fish, eggs, dairy) started over 6 years ago. As a personal trainer I was looking for the most suitable diet for our body and I came across whole food plant based lifestyle.

I studied and got certified in whole food plant based nutrition.

With that knowledge I started incorporating plant based meals into my diet; cooking and tasting new meals really excites me so I wanted to share with you all the recipes what I like to cook and to share the knowledge I gathered about important plant based topics.
That is why I have created this website.

I created Ultimate whole food plant based lifestyle programme. After completing this programme you will have a full understanding of this amazing lifestyle.

I also created Sustainable weight loss programme. After completing this programme you will understand how to lose weight and you won’t struggle ever again.

While studying plant based nutrition I also learnt about the positive impact of this lifestyle on our environment.

I just loved and I will always love the idea that with my decision to live plant based lifestyle, I am supporting my health and also helping our beautiful planet.

While living in Bangkok and traveling around Thailand something caught my eyes, plastic rubbish, trash on the beaches. It was so heartbreaking for me to see.

I started to research what I could do and I came across zero/low waste lifestyle.
I was learning and incorporating changes slowly into my life.

You can learn so much about zero waste lifestyle from my website and the importance of incorporating changes into your life to make a positive difference for our beautiful planet.

I have created this website because I am so excited about these two lifestyles and I want to share them with you.

I believe, every action counts, doesn’t matter how small or big it is.

My mission is simple – We need to recognise that we have the power to change the world just by deciding what we do on daily basis and also living by example can inspire others and positive change will come.

Sending you a big hug

With love