My transformation

I was a swimmer in my teenage years, training 2x a day 5x a week. But because I started to have health problems with my kidneys and constant infections of urinary track, spending time in the hospital few times a year I had to stop swimming professionally.


When I stopped I ate the same amount of food without any exercise and I was getting chubby. 


I always liked to exercise so while living in London I got qualified as a Personal trainer. I was learning about nutrition but I was thinking if I exercise regularly I can eat whatever and lose weight. Which is not true.


I was constantly trying some diets and it felt I am not getting anywhere. I wasn't overweight, just on a chubbier side. 


I came across a book The China study from Dr. T Colin Campbell and I couldn't believe what I was reading. A complete opposite to what I learnt during my sport nutrition studies.


I got hooked and wanted to learn more and I came across Whole food plant based lifestyle. It was life changing for me. 

I started to experiment in the kitchen, cooking plant based recipes and enjoying what I was eating. 


I got certified in whole food plant based nutrition and with the knowledge it was no way I could go back.


I lost weight to my healthy weight without making an extra effort. Which I was so happy about.


And slowly I have started to noticed that my eczema which I had in my hair, elbows, ear lobes started to be less dry, itchy less and slowly disappearing. It was so amazing for me because I wasn't expecting it at all. 


My eczema eventually healed and never came back till now. 


I have been on plant based lifestyle since 2014 now and I love it.


Maintaining my healthy weight since then plus gaining muscles with weight training.


Not having eczema at all.


Feeling healthier and happier in my own body. 


I had my blood, urine, stool tests done after 5 years of being on this lifestyle and my tests are spot on. 


I can't be happier because I know that with my decision to live plant based lifestyle I support my health, protect our beautiful planet and of course animals.


Thank you so much for reading 


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With love 



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