My journey to plant based lifestyle


My journey to plant based lifestyle started in 2014 as a personal trainer I was looking for the most suitable diet to support our health and I came across whole food plant based lifestyle. 


I studied and got certified in whole food plant based nutrition.


I started to experiment with recipes. And recipes of which food I liked I saved. This way I built up my recipe library.


I haven't started the way that one day I said to myself “I wont eat any animal products from now on”. 


I started gradually with building my recipe library and this way it came naturally for me.


The food which I was eating and still eating now was/is delicious so I didn’t/don’t miss any animal products. 


To stay living this amazing lifestyle it is very important to know your reason why you want to live this lifestyle.


Therefore it is important to educate yourself about the health and environmental benefits of this lifestyle and of course about animals.


Please read these articles to learn more about why it is beneficial to live this lifestyle.


Please write to me about your journey. I wish to know.


Thank you so much



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