30 days bum challenge

In Challenges, posted Mar 10, 2021

30 days BUM CHALLENGE for you to have TIGHTER BUM with BETTER SHAPE 


Combine this challenge with 30 days Strong upper body challenge 


Watch this video for the glute bridge exercise


Bottom exercise - glute bridge + sneak peek of my workout + what I eat




In this video are instructions how to do glute bridge, what not to do and a variation, also in this video is a sneak peek of my training and what I eat but these are not part of the challenge. 



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I am so happy you want to do the challenge. 


I am looking forward to connecting with you.


Love 💕Inkka


ALL THE DETAILS and INSTRUCTIONS for the challenge - click the links or pictures


Day 1 - 5



Day 6 -10



Day 11 - 15



Day 16 - 20



Day 21 - 25



Day 26 - 30