Sustainable weight loss programme for you

1:1 consultation for 10 weeks


This programme is for you if 


You want to lose weight






Maintaining your weight without extra effort after your weight loss.


If you want to feel healthier than ever before and full of energy.



Let me help you, teach you and guide you to achieve your personal goal.



After 10 weeks you will have a full understanding how to lose weight and you won’t struggle ever again.



I will cover with you topics like:


  • What food to eat and which to avoid
  • How to prepare food quickly and easily
  • What to buy and how to shop within your budget 
  • Why do we eat
  • What nutrients & calories are
  • Calorie & nutrients density
  • Macronutrients & Micronutrients



  • Health benefits of whole food plant based lifestyle 
  • Environmental benefits of whole food plant based lifestyle

And much more




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Looking forward to helping you to achieve your desired goal





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