What is Plant based lifestyle

For a better understanding of the meaning of Whole food plant based lifestyle we can divide it into:


WHOLE FOOD: meaning UNPROCESSED FOOD, UNREFINED or minimally refined 

PLANT BASED: meaning plant food


Whole food in other worlds - nothing bad was added and nothing good was taken away





beans and legumes, 

whole grains, 

nuts and seeds


This lifestyle excludes:

All animal food 

all kinds of meat, fish, seafood, 

milk and dairy, 


highly refined food 


What is processed food?

I think the explanation of processed food would be the best through examples:

Drinking water instead of artificial fizzy drinks. (if you don’t like drinking plain water you can squeeze a lemon/lime into your water. You can add a mint or squeeze an orange into your water.

Eating products made from whole grains rather than white flour products.

Eating brown rice instead of white rice.

Eating fruit instead of sweets/candies.

Eating plain nuts rather than coated processed nuts.


Consider whole food plant based way of eating as a lifestyle. It is not a diet. 


It is a lifestyle full of delicious colourful meals you will enjoy eating.


Love 💕Inkka


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