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Working on our health and fitness improve our quality of life. 


Who doesn't like to be fitter and healthier? 


We have only one health, without health we have nothing. 


That is why it should be our priority and responsibility to look after ourselves. 





Is for you 


If you don't know WHERE and HOW to start and you want to improve your flexibility, strength and posture. 


You will start from your own level, so nothing to be scared about or thinking that you are not flexible enough.


I will adjust the sessions according to your personal preferences and your needs. For you to grow confidence and seeing improvements. 


And we will have a lovely time spent together. 


If you are interested please send me email:





You will improve your overall fitness, upper and lower body strength. 


Getting stronger body means - you will be:


you will be more confident,

you will be healthier,

you will improve your posture,

you will be shaping your body and liking it even more. 


Your workout will be designed for your fitness level for you to enjoy it from the start. And you don't need any equipment. 



If you are interested please send me email:


If you also want to lose weight - Join my Sustainable Weight loss programme where I will teach you exactly how to lose weight effortlessly, sustainably and healthily. And maintaining your weight without extra effort after your weight loss.


I am sure you want to be healthier and fitter to live your life to the fullest. 


Looking forward to receiving your email and we can start your journey together. 


Love 💕Inkka


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