Ultimate Whole food plant based programme for you


1:1 consultations for 10 weeks



This programme is for you if


You want to try whole food plant based lifestyle but


you don’t know where and how to start, what to eat 

what food to buy


You want to feel great, full of energy, you want to feel healthier, with better digestion.


And to live your best life possible.


Let me help you, teach you and guide you and after 10 weeks you will have a full understanding of this amazing lifestyle.


This programme includes:


10x - online half an hour consultations with me (once a week) dedicated to learn everything you need to know to live this lifestyle

Every week you will receive extra materials to learn from to deepen your knowledge.

Recipes for you for an easy start. 

My continuous support throughout the programme. 


During our consultations I will cover with you topics like:


  • What is plant based lifestyle, how to start
  • Difference between plant based lifestyle, vegan lifestyle, raw lifestyle
  • What is whole food & processed food
  • Health benefits
  • Why do we eat
  • What nutrients & calories are
  • Calorie density & nutrients density
  • Macronutrients & Micronutrients
  • Why not to eat animal products
  • Environmental benefits of plant based lifestyle & reducing plastic packaging 


And much more


10 weeks programme for just 300 euros?


SUCH A GREAT DEAL. Yeah I know. 


And even better


The payment is divided into 10x 30 euros payments.



Don’t hesitate and book your free first time consultation and start living this amazing lifestyle.



Book your free first time consultation 



Looking forward to helping you to live this amazing lifestyle




YouTube video - Why I live whole food plant based lifestyle (health & environmental benefits)




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