Berries barley porridge

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What you need:

• 50 grams barley

• 20 grams raisins

• 1 cup water (around 250ml)

• 1 banana, ripe

• 1/2 cup mix berries (leave few berries for a topping if you like)

• 100 ml homemade almond milk or  homemade oat milk



How to make it:

1. In a smaller pot bring to the boil barley, raisins and water. When boiling bring the flame down to simmer and cook covered till your barley is nicely soft. Add more water if you need to.

2. When cooked, transfer your barley mixture to the bowl what you will eat your barley porridge from.

3. Now you have 2 options – either you refrigerate your barley porridge covered over night that you will have your breakfast next day or use it immediately. Be aware that the barley sticks little bit so stir it few times.

4. Either way – just before going to eat it, blend your banana, mix berries and milk in the blender and pour it over your cooked barley. Mix it well.

5. Enjoy



This recipe makes 1 portion so if you want more for your loved ones just adjust the amount you use and enjoy.

I like this delicious breakfast cold so I usually prepare my barley porridge mixture day before. In the morning I just mix it with my banana berries milk sauce. So yummy


When you make it take a picture and post it in our community chat. Would love to see it.

Love 💕Inkka


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